Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Ram Prasad Bismil

Pandit Ram Prasad Bismil (Urdu: پنڈت رام پرساد بسمل, Hindi: पंडित राम प्रसाद बिस्मिल)[1] [2][3](1897-1927) was one of the great Indian independence fighters, who also participated in the Kakori train robbery. Bismil was his pen name. He was a member of the Arya Samaj and also of the Hindustan Republican Association. He was a great poet and several inspiring patriotic verses are attributed him, of which Sarfaroshi ki Tamanna is the most well known.

A deep and passionate love for the motherland and an urge to sacrifice for the nation was the hallmark of Bismil's works. In one poem he prays: "Even if I have to face death a thousand times for the sake of my Motherland, I shall not be sorry. Oh Lord! Grant me a hundred births in Bharath. But grant me this, too, that each time I may give up my life in the service of the Mother land."

In another poem written just before going to the gallows, he prays: "Oh Lord! Thy will be done. You are unique. Neither my tears nor I will endure. Grant me this boon, that to my last breath and the last drop of my blood, I may think of you and be immersed in your work."

Pandit Ram Prasad Bismil wrote his autobiography while he was at Gorakhpur jail, days before he was hanged to death

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