Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Bhavabhushan Mitra

In 1908, the Reverend J. Harvey Higginbotham of Kushtia, by running an industrial exhibition with British materials, dissatisfied the local Swadeshi people. He was also suspected of being a Government spy. Apparently interested in theBible, Baladeb Ray and some other young men visited the Missionary. On 4 March 1908, the Missionary was killed late in the evening. Baladeb, Ganesh Das and two others were arrested. The case was tried by Ashutosh Biswas, Public Prosecutor[Bhavabhushan Mitra, or Bhaba Bhusan Mitter, alias Swami Satyananda Puri (1881-1970) was a Bengali Indian freedom fighterand an influential social worker.

He represented the link between two radical trends: the highly centralised spirit of showdown personified by Barindra Kumar Ghose; and the decentralised loose federation of regional units advancing in a progressive revolution, as practised by the Jugantar movement underBagha Jatin.

In 1904-1905, Barin and his maternal uncle Manindra Basu had been members of the “Golden League” club which furthered “the boycott and Swadeshi movement.”]

Early in May 1908, escaping the massive arrests in Bengal, Bhavabhushan fled to Mumbai under the name of Advaitananda Brahmachari

Bhavabhushan joined a group of revolutionaries who, disguised as fierce monks, created a panic by attacking the armed Police to protest against Tilak’s trial

Bhababhushan had been in jail during the trial of the main case, 1908-1909, and was convicted in a supplementary case connected with the Howrah case in June 1910 .Released from jail on 2 December 1914,

Bhavabhushan seems to have avoided all overtly active part in the subsequent episodes of freedom fight,

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