Monday, July 6, 2009

Hemu Kalan indian revolutionary and freedom fighter hanged by british.

He belonged to that rare band of revolutionaries whose indomitable spirits brook no resistance, for whom tortures of imprisonment have no meaning and death holds no terror. Hemu Kalani was so happy in his readiness to make the supreme sacrifice for the liberation of his motherland, that he gained weight during the last days which is most unusual for a prisoner condemned to die.
In 1942, when Mahatma Gandhi started the Quit India movement and the slogan 'Do or Die', Hemu Kalani joined the movement. There was such active participation from the people of Sindh Province in this movement that the British rulers had to send special troops consisting of European battalions. When Hemu Kalani came to know that these troops and the ammunition would be arriving in Sindh by a train passing through his town, he decided to derail the train by removing the fish plates from the railway track. He and his friends were severely handicapped in not having any tools for loosening the nuts and bolts and for removing the fishplates. Time was also against them. Hemu, however, did not give up. He inspired his friends to loosen the nuts and bolts with the help of ropes and they started on this job. However, before they could complete it, they were seen by the British troops and Hemu, in his effort to save his friends, was caught. He was imprisoned and tortured to give out the names of his friends but he stubbornly refused to divulge any information. He was tried under the then prevailing miracle law and sentenced to death. People of Sindh petitioned for mercy to the Viceroy but the death sentence was upheld, unless Hemu turned an approver and gave information regarding his fellow revolutionaries. There was no question of Hemu's accepting these conditions and he welcomed the impending death most cheerfully.

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