Monday, July 6, 2009

Guran Ditt Kumar Indian revolutionary, associated withIndo-German conspiracy during the First World War and Gadhar movement

May 1913, Kumar sailed from San Francisco for the Philippine Islands. He plainly expressed the object of this trip when he wrote Taraknath Das : “I am going to establish a base at Manila (P.I.) forwarding Depôt, supervise the work near China, Hongkong, Shanghai. Professor Barakatullah is all right in Japan."(Ker, p237). According to Ker’s report, “he was engaged in supervising the work of the Ghadr Party in the Far
San Francisco Trial consisting of ‘The German Hindu Conspiracy’ and ‘Violations of U.S. Neutrality 1913-20.’ He was accused of having “formed party in Shanghai in 1914. Associate of German agent Mueller;No further information is available on this rebel's later life.

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